When the EV founding parents sat down five years ago, they knew creating sustainable employment for their adult children with autism and other developmental disabilities would be a challenging experiment.

But, what business practice isn’t an experiment?

Initially, EV took on contractual work and started an event center. After 2 years of experimentation, we found that contracting wasn’t for us. The work didn’t fit our staff. It was time sensitive, inconsistent, and our life or death was in someone else’s hands.

At the same time we took matters into our own hands by experimenting with an event center. Immediately, we began to see positive results.

This work was ideal for our employees – set schedules, pre-approved set-ups and take-downs, month long planning periods, familiar and repetitive tasks – consistency.

We decided if we lived or died as a business!

We knew, to employ our community, we had to create the right businesses that could stand the test of time.

Solution? EV Laundry, EV Gifts and Gravesite Guardians