What group loves a picnic more than ants? It’s Event Planners. That’s why this spring, the Event Center at Extraordinary Ventures is partnering with The Picnic Basket Catering Company of Chapel Hill to host a series of lunches and tours for local event planners. Cyndi Whisnant, the Event Director approached The Picnic Basket about the opportunity to show the Event Center in action and they were delighted to co-host these events since their firm has recently relocated to Franklin Street.

“The Event Center has made some remarkable upgrades in the past year and we want the people who plan conferences, meetings, banquets, and parties to know about them,” said Whisnant. “We are so proud of our new AV system in the Great Hall that includes a 137″ screen and high definition projector as well as a great wireless microphone system. We’ve painted, installed new carpet and renovated bathrooms and we’ve even added a new stage outdoors for weddings, concerts, and other outdoor events. I love giving tours of our building and grounds because almost everyone is surprised to discover what a wonderful place this is!”

The Picnic Basket Lunch and Tour gives Extraordinary Ventures the opportunity to bring people in the door, show them what we have to offer and have them experience an event that features delicious food. Jason Lewis, of the Picnic Basket makes his own presentation about what they have to offer for catering events and shares tips for making this easy. Lastly, Linda Ekeland of the Chapel Hill Visitor’s Bureau who is on our Event Center Advisory Team provides valuation information and resource material about the hotels and attractions of Chapel Hill.

The Event Center is the hub of Extraordinary Ventures, providing regular, sustainable employment for adults with autism as well as a wonderful central location for all of our businesses and social activities.  If you are an event planner for your organization or company who would like to be invited to the next Picnic, please contact Cyndi Whisnant at cyndi@evnc.org.