EV Stories: Cyndi Whisnant

In 2012, I first began working at Extraordinary Ventures and I discovered that many of our employees loved making art and some were quite gifted. Some made art at home on their own but many of them said they wished they were back in school where art classes were a...

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EV Stories: Peter Grandstaff

I first became involved with Extraordinary Ventures in 2010. I've built websites for them, helped with marketing, served on advisory committees, and helped organize the annual basketball camp. As someone focused on marketing, I first saw the small business development...

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EV Stories: Holly Phelan

For the past 4+ years, we have had the opportunity to work with the members of Extraordinary Ventures and help facilitate the Extraordinary Artists Art Program. We meet twice a month and after a short discussion about an artistic prompt, we embark in an hour of art...

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Employment Matters by Sarah Lineberry

Employment Matters By Sarah Lineberry Individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) face incredible challenges to workforce participation. Among people with disabilities, those with IDD have the lowest rates of employment, workforce participation,...

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