The entrepreneurs at EV are piloting yet another new business project—this one involving dogs, and cats!  If you know someone who might be interested in a high-quality and dependable dog walking or cat sitting service, you can contact PETS.EVNC.ORG.

EV Times caught up with staff member Aimee Sweet who is heading up the venture.

Q: How do you decide that a new business idea at EV is a good one to try out?Red and EV Pets

Sweet:  When we start a business at EV, we begin with the interests of our employees.  We started laundry for example when we realized that the people wanted to employ loved the activity.  The same was true for our candle business—we started it because a few of our employees enjoyed the process of cooking and following recipes and so we set the production up on the same basis and it has worked great.

Q: Why dog and cats?

Sweet: We discovered that some of our employees were already volunteering at local animal shelters, while others enjoyed the company of their family pets.  They were comfortable with animals.  We decided to test a walking service for dogs and a sitting service for cats.  We began by using our own animals to test it out.  We learned important lessons that we are building into our service.

Q: Can you give us an example of a customer?

Sweet: We had someone who needed us to check-in on her three cats while she was out of town.  Our employee came in each day to greet and feed the cats, clean the litter box and spend time interacting with them.  It worked out very well.  We got started by meeting the animals ahead of time.  We know that a good match between our employee and job coach and the pets is vital.  Once we establish that and get directions from the customer, we are good to go.

Q: Dogs are part of the business?

Sweet: Yes, dog walking is our specialty and we’re having great success.  Our walks begin with a “good morning” or “good afternoon.”  The pets are escorted outside for exercise and sniffing.  After the walk, the dogs arrives back home and we fill out a report card on how everything went.  Also, we often take the time to email the owner about the experience.  That seems to go over very well with customers who are stuck at work and wish they were with their loving companions.

Q: What are your plans and goals for the business?

Sweet: We will continue to build it up.  It is a unique and high quality service.  One of our employees who we train thoroughly and his/her job coach will come to your house and sit with your cat or walk your dog, and I guarantee there will be some real bonding.  And they will give you a report.  Cat sitting and dog walking makes a great gift for a friend or family member needing the service.  We’re open for business.  Contact: PETS.EVNC.ORG.