My husband and I own The Barn at Valhalla, a wedding and event venue located on 30 acres in Chapel Hill. We have a staff of only three people including myself, my husband, and our booking manager. We are the owners of The Barn, but we are also the marketing team, handymen, landscapers, and janitors! We love being hands-on in our business and getting to learn the ins and outs of every aspect of it. Before EV Laundry, however, we were up to our ears in laundry!! We have two buildings, The Lodge and The Barn, that combined sleep 26 people! Our rentals are typically from Friday through Sunday, so by the end of the weekend we have heaps of sheets, duvets, and towels to be washed, dried and folded! I love our business, but I hate doing laundry! My sister, who noticed the insane amounts of laundry I was doing, recommended we take our laundry to EV. This was one of the best decisions we have made for our business! We drop off our laundry on Monday and it is usually delivered to us by Wednesday! DELIVERED! Now that is service! We are always greeted by the employees when we drop off the linens and we have gotten to know some of them. We genuinely enjoy these interactions and it turns an errand into a pleasant event. We are also so happy with the service itself. The laundry looks, feels, and smells great! EV has the philosophy that all people are employable and we couldn’t agree more! We are so happy to support a business that employs adults with autism and developmental disabilities. To be honest, EV makes it easy to do! They do a phenomenal job and now I couldn’t imagine running our business without them. Thank you to all the employees of EV Laundry!!