I first learned about Extraordinary Ventures when I was still in law school. At that time, I was working with a young man who had Autism. His parents had come together with other parents and community leaders to create a unique business which aimed at employing people with all types of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. At the time, nothing like this had been done, and I crossed my fingers that it would succeed. Later, after I opened my own law office, I was asked to help Extraordinary Ventures in an advisory capacity – working with Cyndi Whisnant to grow the Event Center business. As I grew in my connection to the organization, and as my own law practice grew, I started to see different avenues where the two could work together. My business relies on a direct mail marketing campaign and, at the time, my wife (Caroline) and I spent hours every day preparing letters to be mailed out to prospective clients. You can thus imagine my excitement when EV started their Office Solutions business, offering bulk mail preparation. As soon as I had an opportunity to do so, I immediately signed up. Today, EV handles my entire direct mail advertising account. Every morning, they print, fold, and mail more than 1000 letters for my office (iTicket.law). Their service has allowed my firm to grow from a small solo practice to one of the largest criminal defense practices in the entire state, representing clients in 25 counties. Our work with EV now provides stable employment for a crew of 8-9 dedicated employees, and we couldn’t be happier! As a result of my long term relationship with Extraordinary Ventures, I was asked in 2014 to join the organization’s Board of Directors. This position of trust and responsibility allows me to help steer the non-profit into the future, a role which I take very seriously. My hope is that, through continued hard work, we can fully realize the vision of the parents and leaders who courageously took the first steps to create EV – building a self sustaining business which will provide employment for I/DD adults long into the future.