Photo by Tom Simon | Courtesy of PORCH | May 19, 2022


PORCH Chapel Hill-Carrboro, a small grassroots hunger relief organization, rents the Event Center at Extraordinary Ventures every month to process food donations to distribute to local families, pantries, and schools. This month, Extraordinary Ventures was featured as a community partner on their blog.

Extraordinary Ventures Executive Director Lisa Kaylie sat down to discuss our mutually beneficial relationship with PORCH.

Why are relationships like the one with PORCH beneficial for EV? 

‘It’s huge because our purpose is to create meaningful job opportunities for people with developmental disabilities and autism. Anyone who uses our event space is helping us generate those job opportunities. We have a great clean-up crew, and they like to stay busy. Anytime PORCH is there, our guys have a couple of hours of clean up after PORCH, which is a good thing. It’s so much about building community. It’s local nonprofits supporting each other and working with each other. PORCH is investing some money … which is going back into another nonprofit. That money is being multiplied and doing more good. A lot of people are not aware that we have the event space. That’s a big thing for me is to raise awareness about our businesses. The more people who come in for the PORCH sorts, the more people who are aware of what we do and what our mission is.’

What are your plans for EV’s future? 

‘We have so many plans! This summer, we will be working on rebranding some of our businesses and building new, easier to use websites for our customers. Another big project will be the renovation of our event space meeting rooms. And we want to be more active in the community – spreading the word about the disability employment gap and this great untapped resource of employees. We are thankful to PORCH for bringing people into our space and sharing our mission. We are thankful to be part of this great community.'”